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Nice to meet you, I'm Susan!

He heals the brokenhearted, and binds up their wounds..." -Psalm 147:3

    25 years ago, I fell in love with the laboratory. You could often find me nerding-out over a microscope. I started out as a phlebotomist and lab technician at a General Practitioner's office. Post-college, I became a board-certified Histotechnician, working in Pathology for 12 years before starting a successful laboratory consulting business in 2015.

    Fast forward to 2018, I lost my sister (and best friend) to breast cancer when she was only 40 years old. Then, in 2021, my cheerful Dad and sweet Mom, died just 33 days apart. I only share this to let you know that I am no stranger to deep emotional pain. If you are struggling with the emotional strain of loss, I get it. Any sudden change in life such as divorce, job loss, change in residence, can affect your body's health in a negative way. After experiencing the profound impact of grief, I noticed how it was starting to negatively affect my own physical health.


    I knew there had to be a better way. 


    I realized my passion for Nutritional Therapy because I have always been fascinated by and continue to love learning about the miraculous human body.  Our bodies hold the power to regenerate and heal themselves. They live and thrive when they are properly nourished, from the cellular level up, to the whole system down. I am living proof that a scary decline in health doesn't have to mean it's the end of the road. There is so much hope. Helping just one person attain better health fulfills my life's work.


It would be my honor to help YOU take control of and improve your own health!

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